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"I would like to thank the Santa Barbara Community for voting us number 1 and also for all your thoughts and prayers this past season after the loss of my father, Jim Dixon, and brother, Michael. Our great staff will continue offering the freshest & best produce and customer service the same as my father and I had done together since 1985. Looking forward to many more prosperous years with our staff and loyal customers." -John Dixon ... See MoreSee Less

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Tri-County Produce is not in the habit of getting political, however there are 2 ballot initiatives issues that do directly impact our business and we ask your support in voting this year.

# 65 = NO = stores must give the .10 cents charged for a paper bag to the State Of California.

Tri-County Produce became involved in the plastic bag issue years ago and has generously continued donating .05 cents for each reusable bag you bring in to bag your groceries with. To date we have donated more than $23,000 dollars to local charities from this “Where’s Your Bag” program. Currently the law says we must charge .10 cents for each paper bag a customer needs if they did not bring their own reusable bag. Tri-County Produce pays .10 cents to purchase the bag so the cost is passed onto the consumer by current laws. Proposition #65 wants to make the grocery stores give the .10 cents to the State of California, causing further burden and losses to small business. Please VOTE NO on #65

#67 = YES Statewide Ban on plastic bags in grocery stores.

This has been an ongoing subject for years. Many cities in California have banned plastic bags on their own. The County of Santa Barbara does not have a bag ban but the city does, this creates confusion and unfairness to grocers. The state of California wants to ban plastic bags in all grocery stores in all of California. Tri-County Produce supports this proposition to make a level playing field for all. Please VOTE YES on #67.

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